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Still feeling euphoric from MomoCon this past weekend, and I'll be living off of it until Dragon*Con.

I just can't get over how intensely the brony fandom represented. Two awesome meetups/photoshoots, cosplayers that dressed up as ponies all weekend, and just an overwhelming sense of friendship and camaraderie. I've never gotten more compliments on any cosplay like I did for Fluttershy, making all the time and money I invested so much more than worth it. It was thrilling to hear "Fluttershy is my favorite!" or "Seriously, you are adorable." As I was riding up the escalator one afternoon, I heard a little voice calling "Fluttershy!" I looked back and saw a little girl in her daddy's arms reaching her hand out towards me; I may or may not have started leaking. :') Everypony was just so sweet, and I'm so so grateful for it.
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March 19, 2012


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